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Tips compiled from messages posted to UK-1901-CENSUS-L@rootsweb.com by kind permission of the posters. Archives here

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TipNo Content TipNo Content
1 Enumerators Walks 11 Places on Census
2 Name examples 12 Institutions
3 Using logical search procedures 13 Printing Images - to come
4 ID Numbers 14 Vessels and Institutions ( More)
5 Index Accuracy 15 Continuing after Viewing Images
6 Vouchers 16 'Enhancing Images'
7 48 Hr time-out 17 Advanced Search
8 Dittos and Dos 18 Duplicate Persons
9 Handling the HTML 19 Getting the whole Household
10 Missing Servicemen 20 Cross reference
TipNo Content TipNo Content
21 Folio numbers 1 31
22 Handling Large numbers of records 32
23 Royal Navy Ships on 1901 33
24 Language Infirmity 34
25 Getting all of a name 35
26 Affixing _*, and -*, or * to end of Surname 36
27 Copyright of Census info 37
28 Alternate Census Site 38
29 'Entire' Parishes 39
30 Older Census 40


LINKS to useful sites to help you with the Census

Tools - Very Helpful Software *******
Enumerators Instructions (Official)
UK Parish Names Finder-server offline
UK Place name Gazetteer
Institutions Listing
UK Maps of places
UK Surnames Transcription Error On-Line Database
Occupation names etc - on Cyndi's List - a great site  
Index to Jane's Fighting Ships 1919
Names on the Census  
Very good Census tips page  
Comprehensive Encyclopedia to assist Census understanding  
Scalable maps of UK
PRO Searches 
PRO Online Services Advisory Panel_Minutes
Finding Piece and Folio Numbers
London Gazette-on-Line Archives
Good explanation and advice on Virii
Current Value of old money
NOT the 1901 Census


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