1 Enumerators Walks

In the Place Search when you are given the option to download a number of different images you may choose "Description of Enumeration District"



The free pages, "Description of Enumeration District" don't seem to exist for all registration districts. I first discovered this in rural districts in Somerset. This evening however, only one of the enumeration districts numbered between 26 and 40 for the West Ham, Essex, area of London produced the page. All the others produced a dialogue box reading, "Sorry that page doesn't exist for this District"

6 Vouchers

As is reported in the help pages, when you have insufficient balance on a voucher you just register another voucher and the value of the request will be taken first from original and the rest from the new voucher. IE the balance is rolled forward.

7 Session length

Some people have been 'bumped' after just 24Hrs

8 Dittos and Dos

Not only are there several ditto's ... there are also do's ... funnily enough all the do's appear to be children and not Head of Household. Note: the first occurrence of an identical entry should be Ditto - other identical entries underneath would be Do


I've also had no problem viewing the html of the pages (using "View Source"), saving the NotePad file and then opening them up in Excel. Excel does a *much* better job than Word at tables, both reading and generating. Then adding a column for each entry and typing in the userID for the censused person. Quick sort on that column, and all the presumed family groups become evident. Easy then to work out which images are needed for ultimate verification.

11 Places on Census

It is possible to search by "Where Born" or "Place" 


12 To handle Institutions on many pages and other

While looking at the images is the best way to get reliable information, can I suggest you put up another 50p for a transcript of the 
members of the household".
I did this for Wellingborough Grammar School back in January at the FRC and I think I got a list of over 100 boarders. (I did have to pay for the printing though)

To get the full details of an Institution spend 50p on the "Person Details" from the online census. Just click on the red name, and full details of the address of the institution will be given together with the details of the person concerned.

Q Can anyone suggest to me why I cannot find the Sudbury Union Workhouse  (Suffolk) or various variations of that name- with an institution search?

On the institution search I just tried Sudb* and nothing else - It brought up Sudbury Union, Parish St Gregory, Suffolk.  I think that might be it.

17 Duplicate Entries

One of the problems I noticed was probable duplicate entries in the index. On some searches, the results include entries that I am certain as I can be  were duplicates. The details of the people were such that it seemed very unlikely that they  were two people. I cannot be totally certain because they were not "mine" and so I did not  view the images and, using AOL, I cannot see the whole id without cutting and pasting into Word. In one case (and sorry I didn't keep a note of the details), one field in the index was empty in one entry.

19 Getting the whole Household

"Is there a way to get directly to the Household without going to the Individual first?"

Just put the details of the person you originally found in a "person search" - that will take you back to the same search result - but this time
don't click on the red name, click on the yellow rectangle and you'll get your 75p copy of the whole page which will contain all of the household you
are interested in. Unless you are very unfortunate (come and join me) and discover that your household goes over the page, in which case you can go
forward or backward one page at a time accordingly.

20 Cross reference

If you think you have a misspelled person on the 1901 - check both on the 1881 Census

21 Folio Numbers


The 1901 census, as with previous ones, only shows the Folio number on the recto pages, (top right outside the page border) the verso pages don't show it. The page numbers however are shown on both sides for a complete reference. You speak of downloading copies of the 1901 census pages - if you print a copy of the page you will be given the option of including the full reference on your printout, which will appear reading upwards on the bottom left hand side of printed the sheet. I presume you must be viewing the page before downloading in any case, so why not print off the page too - it won't cost you any more.


24 'Language Infirmity'

Whilst searching for Wetton, Lee tried many permutations and finally found his GGF Under Wooller and others under Wellon and Woollon. Each entry was marked 'Language Infirmity'. 

Q Did the enumerator use 'Language Infirmity' when they were unable to understand the occupant?

25 Getting all of a name

When I do a search for a name I get a message telling me there are too many and to  modify the search.

A ....(I) did this by entering the surname only (crad*ck) and dividing the search into age groups ie age 1 +- 1 year, which gave me around 250 entries of children up to the age of 2yrs. Next  search was for age 5, +-1year. It only took a couple of hours and I now have them > nicely installed into Excel to be sorted at will.
NB Depending on numbers you may be able to use +-5 to save time.

27 Copyright of Census information

It appears that the 'image' may not be reproduced (does that include printing it?) but that a transcription may be given providing full details if its source is acknowledged. Not sure if my interpretation is correct but considering that many of the statements on the website are very 'woolly' 
.....its probable that the surname lists and/or the county lists may be more appropriate for posting individual details.

28 Rootsweb archives

The archives of the individual Mailing Lists are both browseable and searchable from two separate RootsWeb archives. Most Mailing Lists at
RootsWeb are archived. 

The Threaded (browseable) Archives is at:  http://archiver.rootsweb.com/

the Interactive Search (searchable archives) is located here:  http://searches2.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/listsearch.pl

29 Alternate Census Site

If the normal link to the PRO does not work try there is an alternate URL here

The "Error 80004 Please try again' page will appear thus


80004: Please try again.

Return Home

BUT  select Person Search from the list on the left of the page and you should get the normal search page. 

try it here

30 'Entire' parishes

Q What does the word Entire after a Civil Parish and before an occupation mean.

Example - name,45, Poole, Dorset,Charlton Marshall Entire, Farmer

A It means that the Piece and folio is complete, ie it is not a subset of the civil parish. Parishes were broken up into subsets if they were large therefore you see part of sometimes.

31 Previous Census

Fred H Held explains

There is a census available for every ten years starting in 1841. Only the 1881 and 1901 censuses are indexed in total: 1881 by the LDS and available on CDs and now their website (for free) and the 1901 on the government website (for ). Some local history societies have indexed certain years in their local areas. The 1891 census, as well as other years, are being scanned and images put on CDs by a private company (S&N British Data Archives Ltd.). There is a group (FreeCEN) attempting to index some of the other years with volunteers.

NB There were censuses prior to 1841, but those data are only available as summaries, with the raw data having been destroyed.