It appears that one cannot do a search across all Vessels and/or Institutions for an individual who is on a Vessel or in an

Institution.  For a given Institution or Vessel (see Note below) one can pay 50p to see the complete list of occupier's names - and then pay a further 75 p to view each census page image that they are on. 

I should have thought that the name list ought to have been free too, to be consistent with the normal census pages. The logic of allowing a free view of certain personal details so that the right person can be identified on the normal census pages should also apply to occupiers of vessels and institutions - though details such as age and place of birth may be a problem for the very old or infirm.

There is also currently a charge to view the image of the page describing a vessel or institution - this is at odds with the free

enumerator's walk description pages. 

By the way, you can get a list of workhouses by just using the word 'Workhouse' in the mandatory name field in the 'Search for an Institution' form. But this list will not be complete because there are a number of workhouses that are described as an ' xxxxxx Union' without the term 'Workhouse' - so also search on 'Union' in the name field. Some of the names on this list are just 'Workhouse' though the other fields give some indication of location. For all I know there may be other anomalies so that workhouses appear with other descriptions which omit the words 'Workhouse' or 'Union'. .

There are certainly anomalies in using the mandatory name field for Institutions and Vessels as you will find. Although 'Union' or 'Workhouse' on their own are accepted, trying a place name like 'Ledbury' on its own in the name field does not work, even though there is a 'Ledbury Union Workhouse'. Nor does 'Workhouse' in the name field and 'Ledbury' in the Place Keywords field work. One needs to put the Civil Parish: 'Ledbury Urban' or the County 'Worcester' in the Place Keywords field to get a result . . . This is a peculiar use of the word: 'Keyword' here, perhaps they should coin a term 'Key Phrase' ! I have also found this problem with some fields in the normal census search. I have not managed to find a workhouse for the city of Hereford yet, though there surely must have been one.

I shall also ask for lists of both Vessels and Institutions to be provided on the PRO Census web help pages.


NB There are often a number of vessels with the same name. Hopefully some way of identification  will emerge after the tests.