>Image opens and can be saved but then can not be closed except by ending

>the task which means you have to restart the program and put in your

>details again to look at the next image. It has worked ok occasionally.

Answer 1

You don't have to restart the program. There is an icon for the

search page at the bottom of your browser. Just click on that to return to

the search page and continue your work.

Answer 2

Internet Explorer 6 appears to deal with problem correctly.

Answer 3

The freezing of the connection and having to go through taskmaster is the

same as I was doing. Since installing IE6 I have had not problems at all -

touch wood (grin).

Answer 4

The first time I saved an image I had that problem.

I then went onto the PRO site and followed the technical instructions. It appears that

you need to go to your IE and set the java to 'enabled'

Once I had done that I was able to save other images without any problems.

From the technical instructions on the PRO census site.

In Internet Explorer

Choose 'Tools'

Choose 'Internet Options'

Choose 'Advanced'

scroll to Microsoft VM section

then tick "Java console enabled" (if you have one - restart required)

and possibly

un-tick the "JIT compiler for virtual machine enabled" option."

(I have the latest version of Microsoft IE 6 and can leave this ticked and have no problems on WIN2000 -BWW)

Note for Windows XP users re: SP1

* Microsoft's Java 2 SE v.1.4.0_01 Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is

installed automatically by Windows XP SP1, without any option to

prevent installation. The Java virtual machine architecture does not

check for or uninstall other JVM versions. So if, as most people do,

you have another or even multiple previous JVMs installed, this new one

from Microsoft will just be another one at the party.