'Enhancing Images'


I have found the following technique to be effective when preparing images to be used as exhibits in TMG

1 Open the image (say RG13_Pc-815_Fo-40_Pg-33.tif FAX4 Compression) in Irfanview (freeware) -other graphics packages/viewers will not handle this format.
2 Set image view size to say 10% or to fill the screen
3 Select the actual page inside the black border and use Edit/Crop ( this  removes most of the black border-often at an angle )
4 You may need to save and open the file in another package here.
5 Set image view size to 50%
6 Annotate the Household for easier viewing later with vertical line in Number column ( if no info appears there)
7 Export to nnnnn.tif compressed using compression ( Fax4 for TMG)
8 Some images appear not to show in IE but do in Netscape