Examples of Name searching problems

1 Couldn't find "Horothy" in "Loddon" because *orothy and Lo*don didn't immediately come to mind as likely wild card usage.
2 When searching for ggf and gf (both Edward Pope) I tried Po* and Edward and got too many returns, rather than none. Eventually I found them by trying the possible misspellings one by one. It turned out to be Poke!!!

tried everything ...her name was GROSE so I put every  variance that I could think of ...even GR*...nothing would work. So I  entered her first name (left last name blank), her age in 1901, where she  was born and BINGO up comes Julia GRAVES !

4 Any takers for these two Birthplaces?
Herbyshire, Busters
Norfolk, Homintsfeesham
I can guess that the former may be somewhere in Derbyshire. Either the
transcribers were not given a gazetteer or did not bother to use it, so much for QA!
5 in many of my searches, I have found that the Admin County field is left blank or has names such as Bethnal Green, Boro of Gt Yarmouth or Southampton. 
6 I have the PRO image, and the transcribed occupation is quite wrong - the index has 
"Railway officer & engine fitter" and the
image has "Relieving officer & registrar of births & deaths". 
I am sure that my reading is correct as his signature is on each enumeration district as registrar, and he has had this occupation in previouscensuses.
7 I found 4 transcription errors as follows: Chrles should be Charles, Knelworth should be Knebworth, Broadmates should be Broadwater, and Rose Grocer should be Rose Grower.
8 My dear 'little' Great Aunt Mary, aged 20 in 1901 is listed as being a Jailoress.
9 When Ms are Ns and Ns are Ms -Trying to chase my great grandmother s Ada NIMMO- you would not believe how I found her - under Ada MINNO - all Ms and Ns had been reversed
10 Found a person called "Drapers Shop Fairlie" when looking for people with Fairlie surname -. (ID 30,972,211). The person before this one (30,972,210) has the surname Fairlie, but the Forename 'Mr'.
11 According to the on-line version my Gmother is; ...Hosler, her brother is Same Hosler, on viewing the page I find that they wereoriginally written in as; Lilian Horler and Samuel Arthur Horler whichare both spot on!
12 I've come across a "Walksworth" which undoubtably should be Wandsworth. Use of the _ and * wildcards are almost obligatory, as is a fertile imagination.
Watch out for "Meddlesex" too.
13 London searchers be warned that I have found several instances of Southwark being entered in the index as Southwork.
14 For birthplace, as well as the usual spellings of Deanshanger and Denshanger, I've found Deambanger, Deomanger, Deansango, Deanshanghe, Deansanger, and--my personal favorite--Dean Stranger.
15 reminds me of a name I found when transcribing an index, in a cursive hand it appeared to be uuuuuuuip, after much study, I decided it was Munnings, but it could just as easily have been Nummings. It will need a family member to say if I was right or not.
16 Try the search of a Forename with age, sex, and where born. I found one  this way I was looking for PYLE and found her as TYLE by this method. BW _ Thanks - I found Mosedale as Masedale that way
17 Hs and Ms are often mixed try Meath for HEATH
Also H and W are mixed I have a Warwick transcribed as Harwick
18 searching the census for a rather unique name (SINTZENICH), and only finding five of the seventeen I know were alive at the time, I happened to find a number of people called SIMTH. Now they may really have been called this (but there is only one on the 1881 census), and I have no problem with that. But people looking for SMITH or SMYTH should be aware there are a couple of dozen SIMTH's and even some SIMTHSON's hiding in the index.
from John Fairlie - john@fairlie.f9.co.uk
19 one mistake I have found was a surname, Dorey, being transcribed as Dovey. An easy mistake to make in a  transcription but one that took quite a while to find as I looked at Dore/Dory/Doory/etc
20 I was having difficulty in getting all the THOMPSON'S for (a place) as I kept getting the "taking too long" message. I got round the problem by searching in turn for
21 looking for John Jones, only to discover that he was transcribed as Lahn Lanes 
...a  number of Welsh birthplaces found that start with Uan rather than Llan,
22 the unusual Devon surname BATER is routinely mistranscribed as BATES in 1901 (but not in 1881).
23 .. just found my grandfather Baron WEBB transcribed as Baron HIBB.
24 What do think happened here  Sonntomas Wetton aged 38
25 81 matches for ....*
too many matches for ...*
115 for mr*
16 for ms*
47 people for qa*
14 for qe*
70 for qi*
9 for qo*
7 for qy*
2 for rb*
19 for rd*
6 for rp*
133 for unknown
105 for nk*
7 for notknown
26 When searching for Mc names try mac nnn, mc nnnnn and mcnnnnn