Jeffery Knaggs has created an excellent online index to the Royal Navy Ships at Sea and in Ports Abroad
on the 1901 British Census.

It is  here

Jeffrey says 'Now, when you find your ancestor on one of these ships, you don't need to waste money paging backwards to find the name of the ship. Details include 

Among the vessels included are several battleships and cruisers at Malta, Gibraltar and elsewhere, gunboats up Chinese rivers and the Royal Yacht on her way to Australia and the Colonies.

Here's an example

Where Born Occupation Page ID Person Piece Folio 1 Folio 2 Age
Crich Derbyshire Boatswain 1474759 Webber Wetton 5335 73 74


and his ship (I am sure I saw a page with the Vessels name but I did have it anyway)

PRO Ref. - RG 13/5335 folios 74 to 90 Page ID - 1474721 to 1474753 
His Majesty's Ship Vulcan 
Class and Denomination of Ship Torpedo Depôt Ship 
Captain or Commanding Officer Henry B Jackson 
Station Mediterranean 
Position of Ship at Midnight Grand Harbour, Malta