Some time ago a question was raised re why, within a family group with mostly consecutive Person ID's there would be one ID number missing from the middle of the series. The following explains some of these missing persons.

For example, searching on the surname "Hutchinson", in the civil Parish of Ecclesall Bierlow, the following appear but not ID 8,632,528:

8,632,526 Fred Hutchinson

8,632,527 Ann Hutchinson

8,632,528 ??????????????

8,632,529 Blanche Hutchinson

8,632,530 Ethel Hutchinson

8,632,531 Ruth Hutchinson


Similarly, in the parish of Hilton, there are two Hutchinson Families where, in each, the first consecutive ID is that of the wife. The "Heads" do not appear in the search results.

The missing person in Ecclesall Bierlow is Fred Hutchinson Junr. The two missing Heads in Hilton are John Hutchinson Senr and John Hutchinson Junr.

Apparently, in these and other cases, junr, jnr, sen, senr, the elder, the younger, etc. are integral parts of the surnames and the records will not be retrieved by any search unless the surname (including the "_junr, etc.) satisfies the search criteria you enter in the surname field. For example, they will be included in the records retrieved if one enters Hutchinson* or Hutchinson_* in the search field but not by Hutchinson. The occurrence of jnr, snr, etc is actually quite a bit less than one might expect given all the children named after their parents. Based on the records I have reviewed, the terms seem to have been included in the enumeration when both Sr and Jr are adults and residing either in the same house or in close proximity.

To see a few example of types of records the _* search retrieves try searching on the surname Thomas_* with all other fields left blank. Below are a few of the records that will be retrieved. Remember that, in these examples, Thomas is not the middle name. In terms of searching, Thomas and everything which follows, including brackets spaces and numbers, are just as much a part of the surname as the letters T-h-o-m-a-s. Given that there are surnames such as Thomason or Thomasson, it is probably not practical to search on Thomas*. Given this, I'm not sure if anyone would ever find dear old Aunt Mary other than by searching on Thomas_*.

Mary Thomas (Aunt)

Edward Thomas 877

Charles Thomas 998

Ellen Thomas Broome

Alfred Thomas Jr

Thomas Thomas Junr

Emily Thomas Moore

Amy Thomas Peter

Francis Thomas Rawbone

Annie Thomas Rich

Isaac Thomas Senr

James Thomas Ser

Edward Thomas Sr

Henry Thomas The Elder

Henry Thomas The Younger

A related issue is hyphenated names, which luckily were certainly not as common in 1901 as they are now. These can be retrieved by adding -* to your surname in the search field. For example, the record of Lydia Hutchinson-Harte is retrieved by a search on Huchinson-* but not Hutchinson.

I hope this helps some of you fill in a few blanks.


Gordon Hawthorne