As of June 2004 I am not certain whether any of these programs still work as described here. The PRO has altered its web service and may not allow some of these features to be used. I would like to hear if anyone has any other contrary experience - BW

Great Software Tools to help you collect and maintain your Census Data

1 Keith's Census Manager 2 Census Decoder
3 Get 1901 Data V3 from GENUKI ( released 16 Nov 2002)  


4 1901 Census Extractor / GuessTimator v4.0.1 (released 3 Dec 2002) - Highly recommended by Bryan Wetton

 - Screen Shot

Can be sorted on any column and changes in say - page numbers - highlighted ( enables potential family groups to be seen at a glance - includes a data edit screen for a person with several editable fields for your notes/IDs etc