Schema of folders for PathWiz! Version 8

Updated on 13 Dec 2008

Files are in three areas :-

A   Folder C:\Program Files\BeeSoft\


- holds 2 executables ( can be on any drive in Win Xp)

 - Other files placed here during installation process - some may be copied later to the
'user' folder ( see below in C)

B   In My Documents or Documents

\PathWiz Reports\ contains

\PathWiz Reports\CSV - all 'lookup table' csvs are stored here and used when edited in
PathWiz. Each one is copied to the 'user' folder when PathWiz is run.
*.csv reports are saved here also.

\PathWiz Reports\ WORD - reports
\PathWiz Reports\HTML - reports
\PathWiz Reports\IMAGES - new ones created by PathWiz!
\PathWiz Reports\LOG - pathwiz.log - can also be viewed from within PathWiz.


C 'user' folder.

Different for each user on the PC

If profiles are used

    C:\Windows\Profiles\$username$\Application Data\pathwiz7

If not

C:\Documents and Settings\$username$\Application Data\pathwiz7

Run time.

The required contents (files) of the C 'user' folder are copied from various folders in \PathWiz Reports\ mentioned above when PathWiz is run.


The contents of this folder are deleted when PathWiz! closes with 2
exceptions needed to maintain user settings





December 2008