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PathWiz V 9 will inter alia

1  Work with new paths used in TMG V8   ( - In Global Actions/TMGPaths)
2  Work with Win 7 32 and 64 bit

3 Be usable on LCD TV and widescreen monitors


The following are the folders and files used by PathWiz!

The main program files will be installed in

\Program Files\BeeSoft\PathwizV9 for 32 bit WIN 7

or \Program Files (x86)\BeeSoft\PathwizV9 for 64 bit WIN 7

Folders will created for  output at

\My Documents\Pathwiz Reports\ - Win Xp

\Documents\Pathwiz Reports\ - Win 7


\Documents\Pathwiz Reports\ several folders

CSV - strings csv files and csv output

LOG - pathwiz.log - access on main screen button - [View Log]

WORD - Word output if MSWord available

IMAGES - used within the system

Temporary files are created in

\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\pathwiz9 - Win Xp

C:\Users\&username&\AppData\Roaming\pathwiz9 - Win 7


the following 2 files are not deleted after clicking the Quit [N] button in PathWiz

pathwiz.ini - access on main screen button - [ini File]

mypaths.dbf - the paths to projects you have previously opened.

Quit [Y] leaves data from the current run for reuse.

If you have used beta software of Version 9 it is best to

1    Uninstall previous version with the Menu Item Uninstall

2    Remove Temporary folder detailed above

3    Run new PW9Setup.exe file.

Buttons mentioned above

Green on Options button indicates Advanced Option chosen.


An interesting article on filename lengths is at

When trying new  software please inform me of any problems  at

beesoft AT

updated 03/10/2012