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Updated on 19-Aug-2009

PathWiz! Full Version vs Free Version PathWiz!  and TMG questions
General program questions General report and chart questions
PathWiz!  and MSWord questions Questions about changing exhibits
Miscellaneous questions Language questions


Q What is in the Full version  of PathWiz! over the FreeWare version?

A The Full  Version has a number of features over and above those offered by the FreeWare version.

    For a detailed retail/free version comparison see our Version History and Features page (online)


PathWiz! and TMG questions

Q  Does Wholly Genes know about  PathWiz! ?

A PathWiz! was mentioned in several TMG newsletters and is referenced on the resources page on their web site.
Q  Does Wholly Genes endorse PathWiz!  ? A Except where noted on the Wholly Genes web site they do not endorse any third party products however it can be purchased from the WG On-line shop.
Q Why do you need a [Commit] to a TMG file?
I thought PathWiz! copied TMG tables to your own and worked from these?   - An add-on product should not touch any program file.
A All work within PathWiz! takes place on a copy of the original project table - if you want new information to be used from within TMG eg in Reports this will have to written back to TMG.  
Q Why does PathWiz! need to write to the project files? A PathWiz! allows details to be entered/modified in the TMG Exhibits table hence it needs to rewrite the new information (in the PathWiz! Temp_I file) to the Project folder as Project_I.
Q Why does TMG need to re-index after a [Commit] in PathWiz! ? A I would imagine TMG finds that the exhibits table is 'newer' than its index and re-indexes.
Q When I do a [Drive Change]  in PathWiz! the new path does not  show in TMG even though TMG did a re-index at startup? A You need to make sure the exhibits are available (can be found) on the new drive or TMG will revert them to the default project exhibits path specified in Preferences > Current Project > Advanced
Q What is the impact on the  size 'thumbs' that I use in TMG
A 1  the size of the image storage file will increase exponentially and therefore your backups will be larger

   2  The quality of the image you see in the PathWiz! Reports will be progressively better but is adequate even at 250 pixels.  
Q Why does PathWiz! need to change the TMG app.ini file to open TMG and reindex after a [Commit] or [Revert]?
A It is an option for the convenience of the user to 'bypass' the TMG Welcome window and directly open the project the user is currently working on rather than the one last opened in TMG.

General program questions

Q Why does PathWiz! require a 1024 X 768 resolution? A Version 4 and later allows 800 X 600 screen using a new interface.
Q What capacity PC is required to run PathWiz! ?

A  As PathWiz! is very computational and deals with exhibits a modern PC (2003/4) will be required for comfortable usage. If you are into exhibits you will probably already have an appropriate computer to run TMG on.
Q If the executable file is less that half a megabyte,  why is the setup file so large? A   PathWiz! is written in Visual FoxPro and requires additional runtime files to run, and the included HELP files with many screen shots are quite large but it does work without an internet connection.
Q  What is the 'target folder' mentioned in PathWiz! when [Commit] and [Revert] are used? A This a way of describing your original project folder from which you have been viewing / modifying exhibit information.
Q Why are there so many prompts to click on in the [Commit] sequence? We have deliberately added a sequence of prompts prior to allowing changing of the TMG exhibits file and opening TMG for your safety.

General report and chart questions

Q  Can I create a file containing the Catalogue information? A  It is available in a CSV form or if you have a PDF writer installed you can print to a PDF file. In the Full version you can write a file to MSWord .
Q  Can I access the catalogue in any other way - eg to sort on other fields? A You can choose to create a CSV file which can be looked at in your spreadsheet program.
Q Why doesn't the Exhibit Summary Chart have the details of which column is which? A  PathWiz! requires Windows to be set to Normal Fonts - rather than Large Fonts - for these to display.

Q Why don't I see images in my Catalogue? A  1 You will need to have 'Save Thumbs' on in TMG under Preferences > Current Project Options > Advanced

   2 You have got the FreeWare version of PathWiz! 
Q After importing [Import]  images do not show in subsequent catalogues when I do have thumbs turned on? A After importing [Import] you'll need to refresh the 'missing thumbs' in TMG (Exhibit Log)
Q Sometimes I am unable to see a single record of a type in a report - why? A Try VFI in TMG - it has worked for me.
Q When I try to run a PathWiz! report I get an error: 'detail band is too large to fit' - what does that mean? A It may be a printer driver problem. If you have other printers (e.g. a pdf printer) installed try changing to one of them and see if the report preview is created - if so, reinstalling your printer driver may solve the problem - it has for one user.

PathWiz!  and MSWord questions

Q Looking at the MS Word report from Pathwiz! the images are of varying quality. Why is this? A The quality will vary depending on the original image parameters - the PathWiz! images come from the TMG thumbnails which are a direct copy of the original image. Look at the small numbers like  78H___W72.75  under the picture. If they have **** beside them it may be worth looking at the quality of the original image.
Q  Where is the MSWord Report saved? A It is saved in the default MSWord document folder. You may choose to save it in a different folder by selecting that option in PathWiz! Report Options though.
Q  Why are only four font types available for the MSWord Report? A The ones used are considered the most suitable but you will be able to reformat to any within MSWord.
Q  Why do I get an error when try to create the MSWord Report? A A number of scenarios may cause an error

1 Make sure MSWord is closed before you start - Use Task manager to close MSWord if necessary-if MSWord is open you will be asked to close it before the report starts.

2 MSWord may not be able to handle a very large number of exhibits - use the Part report option for the whole Catalogue or 'Current Report' to make a Catalogue of each exhibit type

3 You are using an exhibit whose compression is too great to be handled by MSWord it may show as a small file size but not in all cases.

Q  I like the big pictures in the MSWord report but some are too wide for the page - what can I do? A You can resize individual images from within MSWord.
Q  Can I see more of the Description field for an internal text exhibit in an MSWord report? A Yes. If you choose a page for each record much of the entry will be written to the report.

Questions about changing exhibits

Q Can I make changes to more than one type of exhibit at a time. A   After filtering for a particular type pressing the [More Changes] button will allow you to accumulate changes before [Commit]
Q How do I avoid multiple Primary images when using [Import]? A You will need to identify if any of the persons you are importing an exhibit for has already got a primary exhibit.
Q I can't open the import text file by clicking on the Open button when I have selected a text file in the Window! A Try using 'right click - open'.
Q After deleting primary exhibits with PathWiz!, none are now primary for those persons although there are more exhibits linked to them, why? A You need to choose and mark the exhibit you'd like primary in TMG's Exhibits Log

Miscellaneous questions

Q I get an empty box when trying to view an exhibit which is a png file- why is this? A The version of Visual Foxpro used for PathWiz! does not support png files (png came after it was written I think).  However in the Full version you are able to see/edit png files using your default app for that extension.
Q Nothing happens when I click on an image in [Global Actions] [Edit/Modify Images]. A You may not have a viewer associated with that file type (see above) or if the file size is empty the image is not available on the given path.
Q How do I make my favourite image editor work in PathWiz! ? A You will need to create an 'association' to the image file extensions that you have used. Just type 'association' into Windows help to find out how to do that.
Q  What software do you recommend for resizing exhibits? A Almost any graphics editor but Irfanview, a freeware program available here,  has batch resizing and a number of image manipulation and management controls.

Language questions

Q Why do my custom changes to TMG's Standard Tag Type label translations not show in PathWiz! reports? A PathWiz! doesn't access TMG's translation file but uses it's own - you have the option to change the Standard Tag Type labels to match your changes in TMG with the [Tags] button (see Help file for details)
Q Some translations in PathWiz! are not the same as those found in TMG, why is that? A The space in some PathWiz! forms and reports is more limited than TMG's so the translations had to be shorter and/or abbreviated.
Q Why are some column headings and field names in Global [Edit/Modify] and in filtered [View/Modify] not translated? A These are 'internal' field names and may not be translated
Q I've tried to change some translations with the [Strings] or [Tags] buttons using the method to directly edit the dbf file but some changes don't show after I used [Esc] to save? Before using [Esc] you need to make sure you exit the changed field (eg. click in a different field) for the changes to take effect
Q I have a number of projects in my folder but only first shows for selection in step 2 - why is that?   If you are using international characters, i.e. umlauts, in your TMG project names that could be the cause. This is a limitation of the Visual FoxPro version in which PathWiz! is written.
Try renaming your project(s) without the international characters.


Enjoy! - Bryan's BeeSoft