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PC file location details PathWiz !footprint
Overall view of 10 steps 10_steps.htm
Thanks to my helpers acknowl.htm
A test of Unused files moved actualmove.htm
Superceded AddGlobalActions.htm
Overview of [V/M] Actions - see next 10 pages for details Browse_Help.htm
Edit Screen - Red first field Browse_Help01.htm
Change paths - Newpath Browse_Help02.htm
View Edit Image File Browse_Help03.htm
Change an Exhibit File Browse_Help04.htm
Edit Caption, Description and Reference in Exhibit Log Browse_Help05.htm
Scroll to view thumbnails Browse_Help06.htm
Import a lait of personal exhibits Sample_Import.html
View Exif values for camera image file Browse_Help07.htm
Editing / adding Exif Tags Browse_Help07_editexif.htm
A test to check Exif Tags Browse_Help07_editexif_bw.htm
Adding Exif Tag information to TMG Exhibit Log Browse_Help07_exiftotmg.htm
Changing Thumbnail size Browse_Help08.htm
Viewing OLE or Internal exhibits Browse_Help10.htm
[V/M] browsing options Browsing.htm
PathWiz! Catalogue entry - (can be printed with PDF printer) catalogue.htm
Closing Screen Closing.htm
Contacting BeeSoft contacts.htm
Using two windows to edit Exhibit Log entries editing.htm
Examples of the editing aids in CSV or Plain Text EditingAid.htm
Exhibit Catalogue in MS Word ex_cat.htm
Miscellaneous Usage Tips examples_en.htm
Frequently Asked Questions about PathWiz! FAQ.htm
Font and Color Chart fonts_en.htm
In Version 8.2 re -engineered html_help_en.htm
Large form image viewing in   Browse Image Edit with Zoom ImageEdit_big.htm
Image  editing screen. ImageEditing.htm
Replacing an image in Image  editing screen. ImageReplace.htm
Image Editing functions imageviewing_and_editing.htm
Main PathWiz! Index page index.html
Left hand frame of the index page. links_en.htm
Examples of Unused Image reporting logonly.htm
To be added mailout_setup.htm
Main Screen Buttons with Dynamic Log on screen main_screen_buttons.htm
Users Comments nice_things.htm
Overview of PathWiz! overview.htm
[Info] Button contents PathWiz! Ten Steps.html
The large range of reports available in PathWiz! PathWiz!_Reports.htm
Finding a required file 1 search_for_file.htm
Finding a required file 2 search_for_file2.htm
PathWiz! Main Screen startup_en.htm
Getting to your project step_1_2_en.htm
Creating a Catalogue step_3_1_en.htm
Converting Internal to External Exhibits step_3_11_Adv_0_en.htm
Converting OLE to to External Exhibits step_3_11_Adv_1_en.htm
Converting OLE to to External Exhibits 2 - existing path step_3_11_Adv_2_a_en.htm
Converting OLE to to External Exhibits 2 - new path step_3_11_Adv_2_b_en.htm
Renaming project files ( to shorter file prefixes) step_3_11_Adv_5_en.htm
Advanced Options step_3_11_Adv_en.htm
Edit/Modify Images step_3_2_en.htm
Change Drive Letter for all exhibits step_3_3_en.htm
Import Exhibit Information pre-entered in a formatted txt file step_3_4_en.htm
Nominate paths to be used in TMG preferences step_3_5_en.htm
View TMG with persons having Exhibits in a red accent step_3_6_en.htm
Check status of a folder in relation to exhibits in the project step_3_7_en.htm
Substitute a text string for another in a file path step_3_8_en.htm
Create files from internally stored images or thumbnails step_3_9_en.htm
FilmStrip Viewer - in V8.0.1 and later step_3_10_en.htm
Fexhibit Folder Listing and pjc in V8.0.1 and later step_3_12_en.htm
Global Actions screen step_3_en.htm
More Global Actions screen step_3_More_add_en.htm
Choosing a set of exhibits to work on - including all step_4_5_en.htm
Creating a Report of a chosen Set - and Edit the details step_6_7_en.htm
Test changes and create a Report of them step_8_en.htm
Commit the changes to the Exhibit Log or Revert after changing step_9_10_en.htm
Dealing with an Exhibits folder's file status re Exhibit Log for a project UnusedExhibits.htm
Option - Just Unused UnusedExhibits_001.htm
Option - Both Used and Unused UnusedExhibits_002.htm