PathWiz! Step 3
- Global Actions- Create a Catalogue -

Updated on 13 Nov 2008

More Global Actions

Creating a Catalogue

This is the Main Report Options screen, where you choose some general options and your preferred report type:


- You may wish to create a report containing only Missing exhibits which cannot be found in their folder entered in TMG

- A catalogue containing only Primary Person exhibits may be created

- A drop-down list allows you to choose one of 14 different Sort options - changing the order in which the exhibits will be shown accordingly:

(Please note: as of version 6.10, CSV reports are always pre-sorted by TMG ID number, however they may easily be sorted by any field when opened in a spreadsheet program)

- You're able to choose between US letter format or A4 format for printed reports from a drop-down list


Select the Report Type you wish to create

The General Report Options window will show a small example of the report type you have chosen:
(e.g. example for PathWiz! Report shown here)


Four different Report Types are now available:

- A CSV file which allows the data to be viewed in a spreadsheet program (i.e. MS Excel)

- The PathWiz! Report for printing of the exhibits in a concise form - it is also available in a condensed form


- The comprehensive MSWord Catalogue
(note: MSWord must be installed on your PC for creation of the report)

- and, new in PathWiz! version 6, now also in website HTML format.- withdrawn in V8

- CSV, MSWord and HTML catalogues may be custom named.
Select this option and type the file name in the provided field:


After you have finished your selections, click [Next] and follow the screens, which will differ depending on the chosen report type:

- For CSV Reports, you have the option to save it to the default folder ...\PathWiz Reports\CSV\ in the My Documents directory or, if the box is selected, browse to a folder of your choice:

- PathWiz! Reports will be created without further selections

- For explanations of MSWord specific options, please click here

- The HTML specific report options are detailed here

Here you find more Report Examples


Catalogue Mailout

MS Word reports and HTML reports now contain options to Mailout the reports directly to contacts in your project via email
(provided the necessary tags containing contact details have been set up in TMG - this may, for example, be done easily for large groups of contacts at once with the help of TagWiz! - Or, for details how to setup the tags manually for each individual contact in TMG, please see here).

This example shows the MSWord option:

If this option is chosen, PathWiz! will present you with the following screen after the report has been created:


You may choose to mail-out only to selected contacts (browsing through them with the << < > >> arrows), and change any details in this screen, including your preferred greeting and email message body etc.

Enjoy! - Bryan's BeeSoft BeeSoft logo