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You should see the grin on my face.  A few minutes of experimenting, and now Iíve got 1,973 images linked, just the way I want them!  Thanks a million for writing PathWiz!.

As I became more familiar with attaching files using external files and the numbers grew I knew at some point I had to arrange them in some order, and to this day I am still searching for that perfect order. So it is with this in mind that I say - 'I cannot understand how anyone who uses TMG can do without PathWiz' .
With the introduction of TMGv7 more people will probably want to take the opportunity to reorganise their exhibits - Thank you. Gary Boughton


  Still finding your software great, using it to prepare exhibits for "Second Site".  
I do believe this is a really valuable tool for anyone who needs
to do exhibit editing on a large scale for whatever reason - great idea and
well done!
  My output from SecondSite needed work, understatement, Bryan's PathWiz!  has helped on the exhibits front enormously.  

I have been asking for a path update something like this for ( awhile) . Thanks, loads.

Thank you Bryan for your work in developing this utility for TMG, Thanks again for what looks to be a very useful program.
Your program seems a very useful, well thought out tool. Your efforts are appreciated.
Looks like you have another convert! Well done!
Looks pretty good.
Good Tool
Great, Thanks! -I'm sure that it will create a lot of interest.   BV
Looks Interesting...
Thanks for providing this tool...
I really like the idea of the exhibits is
generous of you to share your efforts with others
First thing to say is that I am finding it very helpful, it's just like
having a TMG Master Exhibits List so cleaning up exhibits for SecondSite is very easy.

I see PathWiz! as an extremely useful and easy to use tool for viewing, organising and editing exhibits on a large scale ... well done and thank you for providing it!
Great Program. Good luck with it and keep up the good work.
  Very nice indeed!
  I have been to the website and
have noted the advantages of your program. Well done.
  Great! This might be the answer I've been looking for to catalog and
manage exhibits. I tried Clooz once upon a time, but got frustrated,
because everything (descriptions etc.) had to be entered into Clooz again,
and I didn't have time for that. This sounds great!