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TimeLinerPlus! ( Version 5 to be released later in 2011)

(Version 5 has  new functions -see here)

A timeline plots events against the date on which they occurred.

Timelines are often used in education by students and researchers to help in understanding events and trends for a particular subject. ...

Timelines are for everyone who has a story to tell.

Now you can make them easily for use in TMG and as stand alone Reports

      Timelines can be used powerfully to help you to

a)      Resolve & discover the family stories over time
b)      Identify more work to be done
c)       Create Reports which creatively  display the continuity of families 

See here for more on the power of TLP

TimeLinerPlus! V3  includes a comprehensive Research Note viewer and additional filtering capability. (FAQ)

see here for TimeLinerPlus! screen shots.

see here for Usage Notes for TimeLinerPlusV3

3 steps to a timeline

for the simple creation of an event timeline for your Project (in this case from TMG Sample project).


Play video  of first version

Download latest version here

Download timeline of the Internet here


(NB Some details on screens may be different from those shown here.)

 * The use of a  timeline created from the events in your TMG project allows visual comparison
 of an individual's life events against those of other people.
A timeline may be used globally or with particular persons only.

A manual creation of a Timeline is time consuming and requires good computer skills.

***        TimelinerPlus! will create timelines based on the data in your projects with ease       ***

* With TimelinerPlus! you can easily have any number of 'Global' timelines based on your Tags

* You can easily highlight the potential life influencing events in your Project's Family History content.

* Any number of different Timeline files may be generated for filtered groups of individuals and events

See here for  Filtering Possibilities

* Finally, after transfer of the timeline file to the TMG Timelines folder the data can be displayed in the Details Window of your chosen TMG Project..


Version History

TimeLiner! - developed  Sept 2009 - limited release

TimeLinerPlus! (V1) - added Research Notes Viewer - released Dec 2009

TimeLinerPlus! V2 - additional filtering options added in response to users requests  - released  Feb 2010

TimeLinerPlus! V3 -Internet Timeline
additional  Filtering  options added in response to users requests  - scheduled for release  Apr 2010
    Able to input a series of TMG - ID numbers or use a Focus Group to make a 'Family History' timeline see 
here for example
    Able to review filter settings in ini file before proceeding with a run

TimeLinerPlus V4
    Inbuilt Timeline Editor
    Enhanced 'saving' of filter conditions

TimeLinerPlus V5
    Import and Export of csv/excel files in TMG timeline format
     Enhanced filter conditions
     Scheduled for release  middle 2011