One of the difficulties in using a large data set is isolating persons matching a certain criteria. We do this with filters. After applying the appropriate filter our picklist or report will show only those persons we want to see.

As a further stage we may wish to set a custom flag to make future identification easier.


Some generous users of TMG have offered these filters as useful for a particular purpose



from Teresa Ghee Elliott    
  American CIVIL WAR candidates - looking for all living males aged 18-25 in 1861-1865.

see here for Civil War details

SEX Flag = M AND
*Birth tag Date > 1836 AND
*Birth tag Date < 1847 AND
* Death tag Date > 1865 END


  W.W.I Draft registerers candidates-Those who did register included males born between 13 September 1872 and 12 September 1900


SEX Flag = M AND
*Birth tag Date > 1872 AND
*Birth Tag Date < 1900 AND
*Death Tag > 1913 END


  1930 Census candidates- just change the date for any other year of census


*Birth tag Date > 1830 AND
* Birth tag Date < 1930 AND
* Death tag > 1931 END

This will get anyone 0-100 years old who haven't died until after the census year. If you'd like to make the cut off shorter than 100 years, adjust the relative date on the first line.


Myrnice Where the data set covers more than one country - to isolate say USA "Any Event Country Begins With USA AND"