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these were captured using FTST but the ones I have tried work with TMG 5



Starting out with Citations and Sources

Starting out with Filters

Starting Out with Preferences

Tips for Second Site users


Standard Layout (as Delivered)

The pages below are being reconstructed

Screens 1  

Screens 2 Screens 3
Bryan Wetton's Virginia Blakelock's Linda Lawhon's
Jim Byram's Robert Mote's Bill Reace's
Caroline Gurney's Gary Ruppert's Debi Cundiff's
Ron Carlton's
Donald Schulteis'
 NB When saving the various layout files on the above pages remember to Save As (RIGHT Click on the link) to the folder used by your TMG 5 installation. (Remember you saw it when you installed <G>.)

If you use IE the file will be saved as a .txt file so you will need to rename the file  to yourfilename.lo in  My Computer for it to work in FTST.

Netscape allows the file to be saved as a .lo file using 'Save link as' 



 Download the .lo files in a zip file

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