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Updated on 27 Jul 2021

Whilst Beesoft no longer exists and these programs are no longer available, these pages are left on the server for any existing users that may wish to refer to them, particularly the Help pages.

BeeSoft started developing utility software to be used in conjunction with
The Master Genealogist (TMG) by Wholly Genes Softwarein 2002 when certain constraints were noticed when attempting to print users charts with multiple exhibits - possibly in many different folders.

Robin Lamacraft of Sceya (Chart Printers) approached us to assist in some of the problems he was having.

So PathWiz! was born in 2003. It has run on all versions of Windows from XP up to and including Win 10

As time passed more facilities were added and it became an all-purpose image/exhibit management piece of software appreciated by its many users.

See here for users compliments

Since version 8 PathWiz! has been modified to fully utilize the new path arrangements implemented in  TMG v7

Further Development Work - on hold in Jan 2013 after TMG was discontinued.

During the PathWiz! development it was noticed on TMG-L that many users of TMG were looking for a few more 'bells and whistles' in particular areas.

Two such areas were in TAG manipulation including copying and a Mailout capability.

Building on the knowledge of the TMG data model gained during development of PathWiz! a new application was started.

During its development it was considered appropriate to split the functions into two new applications, the upcoming

TagWiz! and MailWiz!

NB these programs may not be implemented for Version 8 of TMG

TagWiz! concentrates on providing easy access to all Tags and Research Notes in an alternative way of operation. On the way it runs an analysis of 20 different criteria locating pockets of incomplete or missing data which many users will want to clear up in their datasets/projects. During this process it identifies the last Married Name and the last NameVar used before each event. Now you will know what to look for in the Cemetery without working through all the persons in your dataset/project.

Its Tag Management area allows many ways of getting data from one Tag to another outside of TMG

MailWiz! takes address Tag information and allows a once-off formatting to a special tag allowing Mailout or Emails directly from TMG data. The address can be formatted for any country with their own styles of addressing. During Mailout (using labels) or email any document can be attached for forwarding to fellow researchers

With this in hand it was also possible to created a lookup to Multi Map and Google Earth at the same time. These result are recorded within TMG and can be used for instant access time and time again.

A FreeWare version of Pathwiz! is available with limited capability here.


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