Major upgrade 9 now at 9.6

PathWiz! Reports can now be written to a disk file as  pdf,xls or html from within PathWiz! Report preview. Other preview enhancements also.

Use of a particular dataset

Import to exhibit log fields for existing exhibits via a template file - can cover ALL exhibits in one run if required.

Selection of 'ALL' filter for Surnames and specific paths.

Enables re-arrangement of exhibit storage locations based on Surnames or paths.

Major upgrade 8.1 - beta testing completed

1 allexhib.csv upgraded to include the contents of ALL Exhibit Log fields - filenames, image exhibit type from internal image exhibits and thumbnails, 254 bytes of text from internal text, description, caption  - etc

2 Six new options in Advanced  - see here

  1. Rename project files ( tables etc) where a very long filename has been accepted in a TMG process for a new or restored project ( often the folder name is given and used for the files)
  2.  Exhibit Conversion - Convert Internal Image and Text file  to external in folder of choice.
  3.  Exhibit Conversion - Convert all internal /external Exhibits to OLE ( Linked or Embedded)
  4.  Exhibit Conversion - Convert all OLE to external Exhibits either in TMG file classifications or as 'other' to OLE path
  5.  Exhibit Conversion - Convert all OLE to external Exhibits either in TMG file classifications or as 'other' to new selected path
  6. File Finder - as used in the [View/Modify] browse grids when clicking on Fname2 and selecting Search for Candidates. - see here

3  Optional processor priority Control - Low to Realtime - see here

4 File Finder - via a range of criteria  -see here

5 Dynamic logging - visible on screen option via [View Log] button - see here - on by default

6 Windows type 'Closing Down' screen

7 Event exhibits for Individual now selectable in Filter.

 Major upgrade 8.2 - under development ( not implemented)

The above plus HTML Reports - clickable by Exhibit type

Clickable images in PathWiz! Reports - zooms to full image -allows cropping and zooming

PathWiz! Reports output to pdf from within PathWiz!

Mimor upgrade 8.0.1

New features in PathWiz! 801 -see here

Filmstrip Viewer  - incluse both Internal and External Image files